there's no later after bedtime


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Reindeer dog

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Before you’ve really woken up in the morning

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Memorial Day Weekend

Posted in Val by valerie on May 30, 2011

We enjoyed our Memorial Day weekend with lots of good food & good company &, on Sunday, a picnic in the park followed by a hike through the woods, here in Michigan. It turned out to be a great day, although I was worried the rain wouldn’t hold off initially. There’s nothing like honeymoon sandwiches with my sweetie & a hike with us & Melody on a beautiful Sunday! And it’s not over yet…one more day to enjoy before heading back to work.

Gotta wear shades…

Posted in Val by valerie on March 20, 2011

We went to a totally rad 80’s-themed birthday party last night for our friend Lisa (of Pot & Box); the party included red balloons on the ceiling, 80’s music & dancing, 80’s movies projected on the wall, many people showed up in their 80’s attire (I was jealous of the girl that showed up with a Def Leppard shirt, blue jean jacket, & crimped hair), & Lisa gave out some fun 80’s glasses for everyone to enjoy at the party.

Our dog, Melody, hated it when I tried to put these on her of course; but we managed to keep her still long enough for this photo. Her future’s so bright, she’s gotta wear shades.

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